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dynamic Strategies for self-directed investors & Traders 

By utilizing tactical and incremental capital deployment, our clients have the opportunity to profit in both up and down markets . Our clients benefit from our proprietary trading systems, but still maintain full control of their assets with our auto trade program. By design, we only allow a limited client base for all strategies in order to provide a more personalized and focused experience, with client profitability and the core of everything we do

The Stratagies

Options Grid

Straddles, Strangles, Pair and Delta-skew trades on Index ETFs and Stock Options.

1-5 trades per week 


Signals via auto trade

No monthly/set fee

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10x Project


Directional trades on weekly options with goal to 10x account value. 

5-15 trades per week. 


Signals via auto trade

No monthly/set fee

Trade Sphere

Sphere 2_edited.png

Focus on Directional Trades on 0DTE Index ETF Options and 1-2 DTE Stock Options.

5-10 trades per week


Signals via auto trade

No monthly/set fee

Futures Flex


Trades ES futures and options on futures with 1-2 day hold time. 

2-10 trades per month. 


Signals via Telegram

No monthly/set fee

Alpha Fusion


Receive our signals for manual execution. User decides which signals they get by strategy, type, or all signals.

Custom Application

Use Per Signal 'Credits' 

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