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10X Project


The 10x Project seeks to take a notional $100,000 account produce a 10x return on the starting account value ($1,000,000+ in profits).  The strategy only risks 1-2% of the notional account value per trade and clients can expect 5-15 trades a week on average.  


  • Signals delivered via auto trade available through Global Auto Trading

  • Highly liquid options 

  • No set or subscription fees.  Fees variable based on value provided and invoiced to client based on value the strategy provides

  • Opportunity to profit regardless of market direction 

  • Specifically designed for clients to incrementally scale trade sizing

What it Trades

  • Directional/momentum options trades on highly liquid, high beta stocks for front-week expiration 

  • Intra-week hedging with daily expiration Index Options, or ITM stock option hedges (Delta-Skew) against core directional trades.

  • Directional 1-3 day expiration plays on Index Options

  • Macro themed options trades, generally with same week expiration 

How It Works

  1.  Submit New Client Agreement Form (here)

  2.  Determine Risk Budget (see below)

  3.  Periodically review performance and make adjustments as needed

  4.  When applicable pay any invoiced fees 

Trade Size & Allocations

As stated above, the strategy is designed for clients that are willing to start with approximately $1,000 of risk per trade, which is 1% of the notional starting $100,000 account. 

We specify the number of contracts when we send the signals for auto trade at 1x scale.  The strategy is designed for clients to 'mirror' this sizing in order to properly execute the strategy.  More on this below.

This is a feature of auto trading that allows a new client to onboard at anytime, start at 1x the size we are trading per trade, and then scale as their account grows.  Contact us if further explanation is needed.

Risk Budgets & Scaling

While each client must determine their own risk, given the number of trades open at any given time per week (up to 15, but around 5-10 being more normal), in order to properly participate in the strategy a $25,000 Risk Budget is generally the optimal minimum starting RB or account size needed to allow the strategy to properly execute, with a Risk Budget to start of $50,000 being the maximum starting amount needed.    

This is not an individual recommendation or advice for how much to risk, merely how the strategy was designed and clients must determine if this is suitable for them.  In many instances, the amount of that a client establishes as their Risk Budget, if in the ranges mentioned above, will be suitable to fund an account with and execute the strategy to start with.

Since we usually have some form of 'hedges' on the directional positions the MAX risk week-to-week is GENERALLY around 5% to 7% total of the notional account value, or $5,000 to $7,000 per week total at 1x scale.  This equates to roughly 20-30% of a $25,000 starting Risk Budget as the max risk at any given time at 1x scale.  

At increased scaling levels these amounts are the multiple of that increased scaling level for the dollar amounts with the percentage of the current Risk Budget remaining the same.  

With risk and all factors combined in the strategy design, this strategy is designed for clients to scale and add an additional unit of risk/increase position sizing with every $25,000 to $50,000 in net profits after fees.

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