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auto trade program

What is auto trading?  Auto trading is simply where a client has an account with a broker that offers automated trading and is able to link their account to the trade signals of an online options (or stock) trading signal service such as ours.  Auto trading allows individual investors and traders who choose to follow an active strategy to take the trades without the hassle of having to execute and monitor their own trades.  It also alleviates the need to continually watch the market, but still allows an individual to participate in more active asset management.  

Note: Currently Futures Flex is he only strategy that does NOT offer Auto Trading.

Auto trading allows for clients to start relatively small in position sizing, matching the contracts we specify. 


If a client chooses, either initially or once profitable, they can scale in sizing (2x, 3x, etc.) while still keeping the ratios that we use for our trades which is so vital to the successful execution of our strategies.   

We offer auto trading services through Global Auto Trading. They are a third-party trade execution service that charges a nominal monthly fee to execute trades through several discount brokers.

In order to auto trade at Global, clients must also have a brokerage account at one of the following brokers:

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Interactive Brokers

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