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Week of January 1, 2024 - Weekly Performance by Strategy

Nothing too special this week, but given the market 'selloff' we had some decent exposure to capitalize a bit overall on the down move.

Jobs report on Friday (NFP) ended up being a non-event for our purposes and while Trade Sphere and 10x Project were basically breakeven on the exposure we had going into it, Options Grid didn't fare as well and took a decent size percentage loss, but with limited capital exposure.

Keep in mind these are only risking 1 unit, so those at 2x, 3x, etc scale saw these returns magnified correspondingly.

Looking ahead to next week, CPI is on Thursday, so the market will look to interpret that data and how it will impact potential rate cuts this year. The last two CPIs resulted in a blistering upside move in equites, so a fair amount of dovish lean is priced in already.

With that, any moderate or higher indication that inflation has cooled faster than expected *should* bode well for equities, with the inverse on a hotter than expected number.


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