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Week of January 22, 2024 - Weekly Performance by Strategy

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  1. All 1 unit position sizes that were used for the results above are shown on the respective strategy performance pages on the strategy 'Trades' PDF.

  2. Clients trading more than 1 unit of risk per trade (2x, 3x, etc.) realized the performance published above correspondingly to that amplified magnitude.


Another mild week on the Econ front, but earnings season is in full swing now. NFLX delivered greater than expected results, which aided the ongoing tech bullishness

Options Grid saw no action this week, as projected two way price action was muted, which played out for the most part. We are in a slight drawdown in this strategy but I expect this to break very soon, possibly in a somewhat dramatic fashion.

Trade Sphere started auto trading this week and from a logistical standpoint the implementation of auto trade went smoothly. We limited to number of trades taken to ensure there were no issues on the execution side, which there were not. Global Auto Trading is great to work with and they deliver fast executions and get really good fills for our clients. We will likely onboard only a couple of more clients for auto trade and then close the doors for now so those clients can scale their accounts without issue.

Per the sample scaling schedule for this strategy we are shooting to have the clients that are currently auto trading at 1x to be in the position to scale to 2x within the next 90-120 days.

10x Project managed to make a modest gain and this thing is going to really ramp up quickly I have a feeling. We are just starting to exploit these weekly moves and with proper size on, coupled with the daily expiration on the index options as hedges, I expect the strategy to have a phenomenal year.

While last year did not take off like a rocket, we are expecting to produce enough value that clients that a currently onboard at 1x scale to be at 5x scale or greater before the end of the year, per the sample scaling schedule.

Futures Flex Took one trade, a call skew, early in the week that did not pan out and we lost on the call side of the trade with the put side breaking even but resulted in a net loss. Looking to have some exposure on here into the FOMC next week.

Looking Ahead

Big week ahead. Items of interest are:

  • Tue: GOOGL, AMD and MSFT earnings

  • Wed: FOMC

  • Thu: AAPL, AMZN and META earnings

  • Fri: NFP/Jobs report

We do expect to have some modest or larger exposure this week, likely for the second half of the week and into the FOMC. No change to rates are expected, but the post-decision announcement with Powell speaking has really sparked some moves recently and this one likely will as well, as traders will look to glean any information in regards to potential rate cuts for the remainder of 2024.

Free tip - the market direction after Powell speaks and into the close on Wednesday has previously and CAN result in a strong market move the next day in that same direction.


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