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strategy overview

Our strategies are designed to offer multiple choices to our clients who are seeking trading / active investing services.  Using the links on the 'Strategies' tab from the main menu we encourage potential clients to determine which strategy, or strategies, are most suitable to meet their objectives and goals.  Feel free to Contact Us with any questions pertaining to the strategies, subscriptions, or any general questions you may have.      

the difference 

Our strategies and services differ from conventional investments, as well from online newsletters and trade signal services.  How?  


1. We offer our clients the opportunity to participate, and potentially profit in all market conditions, regardless of up, down or sideways markets. Low or high volatility, doesn't matter.  We make volatility your friend.  We do this via the use of options, which require only a fraction of the capital to participate versus the outright purchasing stocks or mutual funds. Due to the leverage, as well as the unlimited upside, yet limited downside of the trades we take, this provides our clients with the opportunity for returns that even the best traditional funds and money managers do not provide.

2. Most online newsletter or 'signal services' merely issue trades in a 'one- size-fits-all' method, without consideration to overarching risk management parameters.  Our strategies differ because consideration is given not just to each trade taken, but also how a group of trades that are active at any given time within a strategy may work together to produce a profitable outcome, as well as to minimize losses when they do occur.  

3.   We offer strategies for clients with a more 'hands off' approach and can be followed via our auto trade program and have no monthly fee.  We also offer strategies for more self-directed traders who want trade signals but are comfortable with and have the time to actively manage their own trades once the signal is provided, which come with a nominal monthly fee. The best part?  Our strategies only charge a fee if they deliver value  and fees are optional to pay if the client feels they did not receive value from us.

4. Our auto trade clients can expect their returns to exactly match those that we publish. Why?  Because the results we list are based on actual client fill averages for those clients who use our auto trade program.  Our philosophy is to take and honest and real approach and to let you, the client decide.  

5.  By design we limit the number of clients we allow for each strategy.  Often with trading options performance can erode with too much capacity trying to take the same trade (liquidity slippage). This is something we assess on each and every trade - both based on the number of clients that will participate and how liquid the instrument is we will be trading.  Why is this important?  Because the end state of all of this is to make money for our clients. Period.  We feel having a limited client base is one aspect of achieving superior returns.  

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