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Terms of Use

Subscribers/Users of any portion of this website, services, or any other information offered by Ambitus Capital Management, LLC - regardless of whether such information is available to the public for free, or requires payment in any form, agree to the Terms of Use described herein. Use of any portion of this, or any affiliated website or information distributed in any form constitutes acknowledgement of these Terms of Use and the Disclaimer. Any client/subscriber/user who does not agree to ANY portion of this Terms of Use or the Disclaimer should immediately discontinue use of this website and any other services or products offered by Ambitus Capital Management, LLC. Furthermore, Ambitus Capital Management, LLC reserves the right to alter any portion of (to include complete revisions) the Terms of Use or the Disclaimer without notice at any time. It is the responsibility of all clients/subscribers/users to ensure they are operating under the most recent guidelines and policies set forth by Ambitus Capital Management, LLC.

Any subscription-based content is offered conditioned on payment of base subscription fees. If you elect to purchase subscription-based content/services and transmit to Ambitus Capital Management, LLC a subscription purchase request, you warrant that all information that you submit is true and accurate, and you agree to pay base subscription fees. By subscribing, you agree to have your subscription renewed automatically for future services and billed to your credit card at the beginning of each subscription period specified, which is generally every 30 days from the signup date.  This is valid until YOU cancel the subscription. You may cancel at any time, but IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INITIATE THE CANCELLATION.  Clients will still have access to any information for which they subscribed to and paid recurring and/or base monthly subscription fees for through the end of the paid period for which they paid those fees.     

Additionally, by subscribing to our services you agree that our billing may include variable fees based on the demand and capacity of the strategy, as well as our objective or subjective assessment of the value of that strategy.  Any variable fees ARE NOT automatically billed to clients, but sent via Pay Pal in invoice form for the client to review and determine if they wish to pay  variable fee.   When assessed, these fees may be invoiced on or about the first of each month, or when certain value has been provided for a specific strategy.  Payments are due within 72 hours of invoicing.  Unless arrangements are made for an extension, access to signals and/or auto trade may be suspended after 72 hours. If an invoice is not paid within 5 days from issue date, Ambitus Capital will consider that as a client request to cancel our services permanently.  Any suspensions or cancellations may occur mid-signal and Ambitus Capital is not responsible in any way should this occur and result in loss to the client for any open trades.

Any website or medium for distributing information, in any form, may be temporarily unavailable from time to time due to required maintenance, network interruptions, or other disruptions.  Although every reasonable effort is made to minimize such downtime, Ambitus Capital Management, LLC DOES NOT guarantee 100% availability websites or other means of communication of information. Content provided to subscribers, whether from this website or any other website we own, via email, or any other form of transmission, is privileged and protected by copyright laws. All clients/subscribers/users of Ambitus Capital Management, LLC agree not to reproduce, re-transmit, or circulate by any means, either directly or indirectly, any of the information received through their subscription to Ambitus Capital Management, LLC or its affiliated websites or services.  


Ambitus Capital Management, LLC retains the right to monitor all accounts and/or email communications to ensure compliance with these stipulations. Ambitus Capital Management, LLC and its associates will aggressively pursue legal action to the fullest extent possible for violations of this Terms of Use.  Services and products provided are for individual use only and not for financial professionals, money managers, or multiple persons of entities,  other than their personal accounts.  Any group or entity which makes a profit or earns revenue, in any form, from the investment or trading of securities in any advisory or management capacity. Individual/non-professional clients are only authorized to use the information we provide for accounts with their legal name on the account. Additionally, any violations to this Terms of Use will result in immediate suspension of user accounts and forfeiture of all fees paid, even if for services in the future.

Ambitus Capital Management, LLC reserves the right to discontinue the services it provides to the public and/or individual clients/subscribers/users at any time and for any reason we determine is for the best of Ambitus Capital Management, LLC. This includes, but it not limited to: failure of the a client to make recurring/base monthly payments AND/OR any variable fees that we may assess.  This may also include, payment disputes (whether resolved or unresolved to the clients satisfaction), excessive questions or comments that we deem are disruptive to the quality of the services we provide. 

All clients/subscribers/users agree that the services provided by Ambitus Capital Management, LLC are completely informational in nature, and not an endorsement for any particular trading or investment strategy, or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Clients/subscribers/users who choose to make trades based on Ambitus Capital Management, LLC signals, information and products, distributed in ANY form, agree that they are accepting, on their own, all of the risks and other details outlined in our Disclaimer. Any questions or concerns about either this Terms of Use or the Disclaimer may be directed to the Ambitus Capital Management staff.                                                             

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